The Manager Every Salesperson Deserves But Rarely Gets

Today’s dynamic, hyper-connected world has radically changed the way sellers sell. These changes have brought new urgency to skill development.   Why then, do most sales managers spend less than 10% of their time coaching and giving feedback to their sellers? On their own, most sellers aren’t going to develop all the skills they need. […]

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Part II – How to Know If Your Team is Producing The Intended Results

Last week’s blog touched on three KPIs every sales leader should assess. Why? Because a sales leader must ensure their team’s efforts are producing the intended results. This week, let’s discuss three more essential KPIs. KPI #4: Conversion Rates A sales rep’s conversion rate is critical for obvious reasons: if you don’t convert leads into […]

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How to Know If Your Team Is Producing The Intended Results

A sales leader must do more than just provide their team with the tools and resources they need to sell well. A sales leader must also ensure their team’s efforts are producing the intended results. Tracking a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is a good way to do this but how do you know […]

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Undoubtedly The Best Managers Are Good Coaches.

It’s not uncommon to hear about the importance of good managers in the workplace. Google – being the innovator it is, wanted to prove that manager quality does not impact business performance.    Enter “Project Oxygen.” Google’s People Innovation Lab analyzed how past performance appraisals, employee surveys, and interviews impacted performance.   The result? Google’s […]

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Orchestrating Leadership

How to Optimize Performance with Sales Enablement

Last week, we talked about the seven elements of sales enablement and their interdependence for creating a far more effective strategy than sales training alone. This week, we will explore – how you can optimize your organization’s performance with Sales Enablement. To do so, we must establish that Sales Enablement is more than a strategy, it’s […]

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What Organizations Fail to Consider About Sales Enablement

Most businesses know the importance of having a strong sales organization. Despite this, many companies struggle to make the connection between enabling their sales team to perform at a high level. Creating a sales enablement organization can feel like a daunting task because businesses struggle to define it, making implementing equally challenging. Here is what […]

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Succesful Leaders Need Support

Why Good Managers Struggle to Coach Effectively.

Creating a high-performance sales team has its limitations when it comes to human-led training and performance management. Without the proper training and support needed to guide new sales managers, they tend to learn through trial and error — emphasis on the error. Sales coaching is a significant factor in driving sales. However, you can’t teach […]

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Value Killers - Misalignment in Sales and Marketing

Beware the Big Bad Wolf – Misalignment is Killing Your Value

When Little Red Riding Hood arrived at her grandmother’s house – dinner basket in hand – she found the big bad wolf, dressed in a bonnet, a nightdress, and fuzzy slippers – with plans to make Little Red Riding Hood the dinner. Too often, Sales and Marketing find themselves in this exact situation misaligned – […]

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