Leveraging Technology to Drive Coaching

How AI Can Reduce Unconscious Bias, So Organizations Can Thrive

Artificial intelligence has the power to reduce unconscious bias out of the performance management process; providing accurate insights into team members’ capabilities so that managers can customize coaching that elevates team performance. “Unconscious bias – judgments and behaviors toward others that we’re not aware of – is everywhere in our lives,” says an article in […]

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Is Your Sales Enablement Strategy Built with Hay, Sticks, or Bricks?

Too often, sales enablement is loosely defined as sales training. That definition is a recipe for disaster. Many organizations invest in training and believe they have adequately invested in sales enablement. In contrast, other organizations invest in blended learning – both in-person and virtual – and think they have gone above and beyond to set […]

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Coaching starts here...

People-centric Coaching with Machine Learning

Sales coaching can leave an indelible impact on an employee, organization, or culture. And organizations looking to create high performing sales teams are, year over year, turning to sales coaching to create a competitive advantage.    In fact, 67% of companies who’ve had a formal sales coaching program in place for three years or more […]

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Unleash the power of data storytelling

Leveraging Human Connectivity to Gain Commitment

Last time, we got into why, as humans, we are attracted to great stories— which if you recall— involves a lot of biology! This time, we’ll discuss how to properly, effectively, relay, and relate data driven stories that will get reps closer to close. We should begin by stating that data without context, only tells […]

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Data Storytelling

When Data and Stories Collide: Leveraging Human Connectivity to Close

Sales professionals throughout history have leveraged their power to persuade as the determinant in the close of just about every deal. I mean, unless a product or service is legitimately one of a kind, the difference between one company and another who are offering some variation of, or maybe even the exact same version of […]

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Traditional Sales Training Sucks - Here are Three Reasons Why

Three Reasons Why Traditional Sales Training Fails?

Traditional sales training can suck! That’s right, we’ve said it. Your new hires sitting in training right now are probably thinking it, your tenured sellers have written it in stone, and the national sales meeting committee is probably drinking because of it. If you decide not to read any further than this, we bet you […]

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Coaching Matters

Why Coaching is Important in the Workplace

Coaching a team may that be a sports team or coaching your team in the workplace, is one of the most demanding yet rewarding jobs you will ever attempt. When it comes to the sports world, coaches assist athletes in developing and getting to their full potential. Coaches are responsible for training athletes by analyzing […]

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How Do You Turn Sales Enablement Into A Profit Center?

Sales enablement is one of the most complex and common challenges facing businesses, and without a plan to achieve it, it can be a roadblock to the revenue growth of your company. Research has shown that Sales Reps only spend 37% of their time selling, with the rest devoted to non-revenue-generating activities. Now, of course, […]

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The New Buying Experience

Buyer Behaviors Have Changed—And Your Sales Reps Need to Adapt

One of the reasons that Sales Enablement exists is the constant transformation of customer buyer behaviors. Every touchpoint, every interaction between your sales team and your prospects is an opportunity to build a relationship or close a sale. However, if done ineffectively, it can negatively affect the relationship. Each of these different touch points cost […]

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How to Get Your Company Culture to Stick

You know how important great company culture is. You understand that a strong company culture attracts better talent, boosts your brand identity, drives innovation, gives you a marketing advantage, promotes efficiency, and can help you meet your organization’s goals. “A company’s culture can have a powerful impact on its performance,” points out an article in […]

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